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Your Complete Guide to Online Theme Units and Resources for K-12 Teachers

Units for Teachers

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Our Theme Units Include: Advertising in the Media, AIDS/HIV, Air Quality, Ancient Civilizations, Antarctic, Arctic, Art History, Arts, Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors, Avalanches, Blizzards and Snow, Brain/Nervous System, Bubbles, Canadian Military History, [Famous] Canadians, Careers in the Arts, Careers in Health and Medicine, Careers in Math, [Drawing] Cartoons, Celebrating Women, Circulatory System, Climate Change/Global Warming, Clip Art, Clocks and Calendars, Clouds, Computer History, Computer Networks, Computer Programming, Consumer Protection, Countries, Current Events, Creating Web Pages (Advanced), Creating Web Pages (Introduction), Digestive System, Dinosaurs, Drawing Cartoons, Drinking and Driving, Drylands/Deserts, Earthquakes, Eating Disorders, Electricity (Concepts), Electronics (Circuitry), El Niño, Endangered Species, English Grammar and Style, Entrepreneurship, Explorers, Famous Canadians, Film (History of..), First Nations History, First Nations Treaties, Fitness, Floods, [Stories,] Folklore, and Fairy Tales, Force and Motion, Fractals, [Simple] Flying Machines, Gardening for Kids, Genealogy, Genetics/Biotechnology, Gerbils-Hamsters, Glaciers, Global Warming/Climate Change, Haiku, Hamsters-Gerbils, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Hearing, [Careers in Health] and Medicine, History of Computers/Internet, History of Film, History of Math, HIV/AIDS, Holocaust, Hot Air Balloons, Human Body's Senses, Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Human Body's Systems, Brain/Nervous System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Muscular System, Respiratory System, Skeletal System, Hunger, Hunting Jobs, Hurricanes, Immigration, Improv, Inventors and Inventions, Journalism, Kites, Learning How to Search the Internet, Learn more about the Internet, Lightning, Listening, Macbeth, Magnetism, Mapping, Maps, Masks, [Careers in] Math, Math History, [Careers in Health and] Medicine, Medieval Studies, Multimedia, Muscular System, Mythology, Navigation [Early], Oceanography, Origami, Over-population, Ozone Depletion, Paper Airplanes, Periodic Tables, Pictures, Pirates, Privateers, and Buccaneers, Plagiarism, Privacy and Technology, Publish Your Creative Works On-Line, Puppetry, Quit Smoking, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renaissance, Researching Occupations, Respiratory System, [Writing] Resumes and Cover Letters, Rocks, Minerals and Mining, Romeo & Juliet, Science Fair, [Learning How to ] Search the Internet, Self -Esteem, Shakespeare, Sight, Skeletal System, Smell, [Quit] Smoking, Snow and Blizzards, Soaps and Soap Making, Software (freeware/shareware), Songs for Children, Sound, Spelling, Stained Glass, Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales, Substance Abuse, Sustainable Development, Taste, Teen Suicide, Temperate Forests, Tessellations, Tobacco Abuse, Tornadoes, Touch, Tropical Rainforests, Tsunamis, Tundra, Violence in the Media, Volcanoes, Water Quality, [Creating] Web Pages (Advanced), [Creating] Web Pages (Introduction), Wetlands, Whales, [Celebrating] Women, W. O. Mitchell, Woodworking Designs and Plans, Woodworking Techniques, Woodworking Tools, Writing Resumes and Cover Letters, Youth Violence, 9-11 Unit, The Letter A, Aunts and Uncles, Africa, All Saints Day, Alphabet, American Revolution, Amnesty International, Animal Habitats, April Fools, Arbor Day, Ash Wednesday, Area of Shapes, Arthur, Australia, AIDS Day, Aviation, Advent, Autumn Season, Art History, Algebra: Lessons, Applied Math: Lessons, Arithmetic: Lessons, Alphabet: Lessons The Letter B, Baseball, Back to School, Bats, Black History Month, Body Systems, Brain & Nervous System, Bubbles, The Letter C, Canada, Chess, Child Labor, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Cinco De Mayo, Computers, Copyright, Creativity, Calculus: Lessons, Citizenship Deaf Awareness, Desert, Digestive System, Dinosaurs, Disabled Awareness, Doctors, Debate: Lessons, Earth Day, Earthquakes, Easter, Egypt - Ancient, Election Day, Ellis Island, End of School, Environment, Epiphany, Explorers, Eyes, ESL: Lessons, Economics: Lessons, Emergencies: Lessons Fairy Tales, Fall / Autumn, Family Day, Family History, Fathers Day, Fire Safety Week, Flag Day, Food, Forces, Fossils, France, Frogs, Free Stuff for Teachers, Friendship, Germany, Girl Scouts, Good Friday, Good Neighbors, Grandparents, Ground Hog Day, Grammar: Lessons, Geography: Lessons, Geometry: Lessons Habitats, Haiku, Halloween, Handwashing Unit, Handwriting, Hanukkah, Health Day, Heart, Heritage Day, Hispanic Heritage, HIV/Aids Day, Holocaust, Honesty, Human Body, Human Rights, Handwriting: Lessons, History: Lessons, Immigration, Immune System, Independence Day, India, Inventors, Italy, Inventors, International Languages, Ice and Snow, J - the Letter J, Japan, Journalism: Lessons, Jokes For Teachers, Kangaroo, Kwanzaa, Labor Day, Librarians, Limericks, Literacy, Language Arts: Lessons, Literature: Lessons, Lesson Plans: General, Magnets, Mahurran, Manners, Mars, Martin Luther King Jr, Math Month, May Day, Measurement, Memorial Day, Mexico, Moon Day, Mother Language, Mother's Day, Mother Teresa, Mountains, Mozart, Mythology, Mathematics: Lessons, Music: Lessons, Measurement: Lessons, New Years, Neighbors Day, Nervous System, New Zealand, No Tobacco Day, Nutrition, Olympics - Summer, Olympics - Winter, Palm Sunday, Passover, Peace Day, Penguins, Pentecost, Pets, Planets, Poetry, Pope, Population, Post Office, Poverty, Prehistoric Man, Puppets, Puppets, Purim, Puzzles, Physical Education, Phonics: Lessons, Letter Q, Rainforests, Ramadan, Reading Month, Refugees, Religious Freedom, Remembrance Day, Respiratory System, Rosh Hashanah, Reading Lessons, Rubrics, Safety Month, Saints, Seniors, Shavuot, Shrove Tuesday, Skeletal System, Snow and Ice, Solar System, Spanish, Spring Season, St. Patrick's Day, St. Valentine's Day, Student Safety, Sukkot, Summer Season, Sun, Smoke Free Day, Sight, Science: Lessons, Special Ed: Lessons, Speech: Lessons, Social Studies: Lessons, Teacher's Day, Tell-a-Joke Day, Thanksgiving, Thank You Day, Tolerance, Tsuanami, Tobacoo-Free Day, Theatre: Lessons, Technology: Lessons, United Nations Day, Uncles & Aunts, Valentine's Day, Veteran's Day, Volcanoes, Visual Arts: Lessons, Vocational Studies, Vocabulary: Lessons, Water Day, Westward Expansion, Winter Season, Winter Olympics, Women of Color, Women's Equity, Women's History Month, Women's Rights, World Health Day, World Poetry Day, Worksheets, Writing Lessons, Letter X, Yom Kippur, Letter Y, Letter Z





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